Fabio Rapposelli

I think of myself as a hacker. I prefer to disassemble things to examine how they’re put together, then use the components and knowledge to make something new. I’m a strong fan of open-source software and collaborative innovation.

My current research interests include distributed systems, automation, and cloud-native applications. For the last decade, I’ve been working at the nexus of containers and virtual machines. I’ve been drawn to Kubernetes since 2015, and I’m an active member of its community.

In my current position, I am in charge of leading and inspiring a team of over 300 competent software engineers, the most of whom spend the majority of their time brainstorming new ideas with the CNCF community upstream.

I’ve coached dozens of engineers over the years, and I’ve seen the majority of them progress from new college grads to staff engineers or engineering managers.

I enjoy attending industry events, especially those centered on the open-source community. KubeCon, dotGo, Usenix LISA, DockerCon, VMUG, DatacenterDynamics, and the Hong Kong Open Source Conference are among the conferences I’ve spoken at.


Open Source