Fabio Rapposelli

With over two decades in the tech industry, my journey has been defined by leadership, innovation, and a hacker’s curiosity. I’ve led diverse engineering teams, guiding them in the design and delivery of pioneering enterprise software products and internet services. My mentorship has been instrumental in shaping the careers of many engineers worldwide, helping them advance to senior technical roles.

As a seasoned professional, my approach combines the analytical mindset of a hacker with executive acumen. This unique blend allows me to deconstruct complex systems, grasp their core mechanisms, and reengineer them for greater efficiency and impact. My substantial contributions in infrastructure software, particularly in storage, Containers, and Virtual Machines, highlight this approach. Since 2015, my focus and influence have been centered on Kubernetes, contributing actively to its community.

Expertise in crafting long-term strategies and executing them with the agility of a startup characterizes my leadership style. I’m renowned for developing innovative architectural solutions to challenging issues, significantly boosting system efficiency and performance.

As a prominent figure in the tech community, I regularly speak at major industry events like KubeCon, VMworld, dotGo,Usenix LISA, and DockerCon. These engagements reflect my commitment to open-source software and community-driven innovation.

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, I am eager to embrace new leadership opportunities, innovate, and mentor, aiming to drive forward-thinking solutions that shape the future of technology. I welcome connections and collaborations that challenge the status quo and foster groundbreaking advancements.


Open Source