Fabio Rapposelli

I consider myself a hacker. I like to break things and see how they’re built, understand the inner workings and then use the pieces and learnings to create something new. I’m a big proponent of open-source software and innovating with the community.

My current focus is on distributed systems, automation, and cloud-native applications. I’ve been working at the intersection of Containers and VMs for the last decade. Since 2015 I’ve been gravitating around Kubernetes, where I’m an active member of its community.

In my current role, I’m responsible for setting the direction and inspiring a team of 100+ skilled software engineers, most of whom are spending their time innovating with the upstream CNCF community.

Over the years, I’ve mentored dozens of engineers, and I’ve seen most of them grow from new college graduates into Staff Engineers or Engineering Managers.

I like participating in industry events, especially ones built around an open-source community. Some of the conferences I spoke at include KubeCon, dotGo, Usenix LISA, DockerCon, VMUG, DatacenterDynamics, Hong Kong Open Source Conference.


Open Source